Sony Alpha 3000: Incredibly Cheap DSLR Look-Alike

From a small electric heater to a gigantic Dreamliner jet, science has astonishingly changed almost everything in our lives. Gone are the days when we were just flaccid receivers sitting in front of a white and black TV set; now, we have remote-controlled satellite TVs that not only afford us an option to choose, but interact, too.

Being a photographer, I can feel the precipitously changing imaging world in which darkrooms and films have been pushed to back shelves, once and for all. All thanks to the IT revolution, photography, which was an exclusive domain of few artists who retained under their hat exclusive techniques – either a result of serendipity or rigorous experimentation, has reached into everyone’s hands too. It is no longer the same time consuming process, which we were told requires a lot of patience.

The spontaneity of digital imaging has allowed and attracted many to experiment with digital cameras, and a new rule of learning photography has emerged in the form of “error and trial” method.

When it comes to revolutionizing the imaging industry, one can’t afford to ignore the colossal role of electronics giant, Sony, which has a legacy of turning imaginations into a reality.

On Wednesday, it launched Alpha 3000 – a replica of the professional DSLT. In terms of ergonomics, it maintains the same grace and performance but is mirrorless all together, excitingly with much easier controls. With inbuilt APS-C sensor, picture quality is parallel to the results of conventional DSLR/DSL.

A3000 is light in weight and easy to carry due to its compact size, and its APS-C sensor is capable of shooting even in low light conditions. A3000 is ergonomically much better when compared to NEX / mirrorless cameras – thus gives users a better grip, handling and control on the camera.

It is an E-mount camera that allows a user to interchange lenses according to the desired situation from the line up of 11 E-mount lenses. Its flexibility doesn’t end there, as A-mount lenses are also compatible with A3000 with the use of an adapter.

The 20.1 megapixel camera that gives a feel of professional DSLT at a comparatively cheaper price is not a bad buy at all, especially when photography is not limited to just clicking pictures, but is a fashion statement and a feel of glamour.

With EVF and LCD on the back, the users can hold the camera in multiple ways to get better composition. They can also toggle the ECF and LCD preview with a button next to inbuilt pop-up flash on the right side of the camera.

Alright you want to capture a video of your son’s birthday, don’t worry as A3000 is not just capable of doing it, but accomplishing it in a most pleasing way. Yes, it can also record videos at 1080 60i resolution and fine audio with inbuilt stereo microphones.

Being the only one with optical steady shot stabilization, Sony has incorporated the same technology in A3000. The result: pictures are sharp and free from blurs and soft focus.

With APS-C sensor it is understood that A3000 can pierce the darkness, as picture quality is not compromised and the ISO levels range from 100-16,000 for stills and 100-3200 for video.

The Bulb mode allows long exposure timings to experiment with light painting and star trail photography and much more, while as on the other hand the shutter flaps at a rate of 1/4000 which can even freeze a breeze.

There are eight modes on the mode dial, which include sweep panorama, where one can take extreme wide-angle shots of landscapes, family, beach and whatever desired. The other modes and options like shooting tips, intelligent auto and other novel mode make the camera very user friendly for consumers.

Recap Of Key Features

– 20.1 MP Exmor APS-C HD CMOS Sensor

– Compatible with Sony E-mount and A Mount with optional adaptor

– 1080 60i Video

– Built-in stereo microphones

– Optical Steady Shot stabilization

– 25-point Contrast-detect AF

– 3-Inch, 230K LCD

– ISO 100-16,000 for stills, 100-3200 for video

– 1/4000 to 30 second shutter speed, bulb

– Sweep Panorama

– Shooting tips, Intelligent Auto, Other Novice Modes

A3000 Comes With:

– AC adaptor

– Rechargeable Battery Pack (NP-FW50)

– Micro USB Cable

– Shoulder Strap

– Standard Zoom Lens  (E18-55mm F3.5-5.6 OSS)

Price: 27, 000 INR



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