Another Ploy to Alienate Kashmir’s Educated Youth

TV cameras follow students to their homes in Kashmir when they top Indian civil service examinations, but deep down these celebrity performances there is a massive rot, which no one wants to talk about.

Only last month, we read in newspapers about hundreds of thousands of students writing a test for a paltry Rs 3000 job. The cruel irony is that a student holding a doctorate and a 10th class student were competing for the same job.

It seems our ‘great’ minds in the administration have made it a point to damage the state’s education system irreparably. Otherwise, how can one explain this war declared against our younger generation?

In this war against the intelligence and talent, the Services Selection and Recruitment Board or the SSRB has been made a battleground.

In a state where employment in the government sector constitutes the main source of livelihood for educated youth, every advertisement for a meager job receives hundreds of thousands of applications from students – from a middle pass to a youth holding a doctorate.

On September 21, about one-lakh students wrote a test held for filling up posts of teachers, forest guards, laboratory and accounts assistants. Such a huge number of candidates appearing for the test can be attributed to the burgeoning unemployment in the financially overburdened state.

According to a National Service Scheme (NSS) survey, the number of registered job seekers in the state has increased from 1.11 lakh in 2007 to 6.01 lakh in 2011 (November end) – registering an increase of 439 per cent.

However, under a new and controversial recruitment policy, the selected candidates wouldn’t get pension benefits. They would only get a meager amount of few thousand rupees for first five years – violating the established Constitutional principle of ‘equal wages for equal work’ under article (14) and (15) (1) of the Constitution.

Ironically, students holding Ph.D., M.Phil. and Masters degrees will be at par with middle pass candidates drawing a monthly salary of Rs 3500.

A student who has worked hard throughout his life, right from his school days through college to the university, is forced to face this moral disgrace. This ultimately leads to the mutilation of our talented youth. Once alienated and demotivated, they will never be able to do justice with their jobs.

I don’t see how a student, who is supposed to sustain on a meager sum of money that may not even meet his travel expenses, can perform better.

What can be expected from these candidates? In the name of job opportunities, we are simply caging them and making sure that their talent remains untapped.

One of the candidates with an M. Phil degree told me that he wanted the job “at any cost” even though it “won’t make me self-sufficient”.

“But when I calculate salary for first five years of the service, it wouldn’t be more than 2.45 lakh rupees, and most of it will be spent on shuttling between home and office,” he said.

A talented and an intelligent person wouldn’t be able to enrich students with his knowledge and experience because of the moral degradation he has to face courtesy our corrupt education system and ill recruitment policies.

I heard someone saying, “Naukri agar lage, aes walo zad nakhe. 3000 paeth kus tuerae karo.” This is due to happen when we frame such inimical, anti-youth policies.

Economical losses aside, another serious issue these candidates face is the psychological trauma. Take the case of our teachers appointed through Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Scheme. Though qualified, they are taunted in many institutions with students and other teachers calling them “pandah shatin teacher”. All these heart-pinching words affect these youth psychologically and consequently they fail to deliver. The quality of teaching in already discredited government institutions is bound to worsen because of these policies.

People at the helm need to realize that this job policy may bring hopes to some families but it can’t be a source of sustenance. In fact, it only kills the talent.

Had the stipend been competitive, the candidates would have worked harder, and as a result passed on their skills to our younger generation. Alas! That is not on the minds of our policymakers.

It seems the government has a hidden agenda of forcing the youth from the government sector to profit-hungry corporate sector – which is again available to them only if they leave their homes for Indian plains.



  1. Xman

    July 23, 2014 at 2:47 am

    Bakare only succeeded in showing his stupidity and shallow mindedness. I pray he reads this comment. Majority of us who are following him thinking he is intelligent, wise and religious have now known that he is everything but non of these.

    What he failed to do was what Nurudeen Lemu did. Nurudeen showed the world that people like Bakare are not only stupid but are not what they claimed to be. How on earth can someone who claimed to graduate from Quranic school now saying he did not understand what the chairman said (pray) in Arabic, is that not cheer hypocrisy?

    He is just trying to pacify and gain support from the gullibles they have been deceiving in the name of religion. Their antics is sure to fail, it is a matter of time. Now who is hearing his voice, no one, and he is going down no matter what anyone thinks, not even his staunch followers will be able to safe him, he shall go the ways of his likes if he continues this way……

    • Thebeloved

      September 3, 2014 at 10:19 am

      You just demonstrated that you lack good home training and respect for people. Anyone listen to this will know that Pastor Bakare is speaking for millions of Nigeria in this regard. English is our unified language not Arabic, igbo, yoruba hausa, etc. If you say Muslim prayer in English everybody will understand, and nobody will ask question

    • Larry4gudgovernment

      October 14, 2014 at 3:27 pm

      Be reasonable Xman. This man you are castigating has just raised a very important issues that can thrown the CONFAB into a state of confusion. Justice Kutigi should have applied wisdom that this is not a religious confab, it is a conference where national issues that causes hatred and division should be resolved not escalating it. This nman said he was born and raised as a muslim and was a running mate to a muslim in the last presidential race in 2011. Stop been sarcastic. Tunde Bakare has just demonstrated how patroitic and a committed Nigerian he is and he should be commended for that.

  2. Shola

    July 6, 2014 at 7:53 am

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  3. Bo Sede

    May 23, 2014 at 10:55 am

    I concur that whoever takes GOD out of his/her life is walking the path of destruction.

    However, it is segregational for the chairman or any delegate to address the confab in a language that is not understood by all the delegates. Actually if Pastor Bakare rose up and started his speech with “Praise the LORD”, everyone would still understand, even if some disagreed with it. Everyone would understand because it is plain English language, which is our common official and study language in Nigeria.

    It is unproductive for anyone to address the entire ‘confab’ in Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa or any other language which is not common to ALL. That is what makes Justice Kutigi’s usage of the Arabic language segregational and divisive.

    Mr/Ms Babalaje, I do not believe that Bakare was trying to incite people against one another. Rather, it seems to me that he was seeking a level playing ground for everyone. As a nation we must grow up and stop being unnecessarily sentimental, emotional and over-religious.

    I think it is rather dramatic of you to tell Bakare to stay out of politics. We need his ilk in politics; men and women who truly love Nigeria and whose passion is to build a nation that is productive, well-ordered and respected. If we had more like him in politics, we would place more value on merit, integrity and competence, and we would rise above the mediocrity fuelled by our ethnic, religious and money-bag preferences. If we had more like him in politics, we would have leaders who care to use the nation’s wealth for the development of all, rather than kleptomaniacs-in-government!

    If we had more like him in politics, we would have leaders who fear GOD and care for the well-being of their countrymen/women.

  4. Babalaje

    May 2, 2014 at 4:29 pm

    Mr Tunde Bakare if you start your speech by saying “praise the Lord somebody” you expect response from the people you are addressing and that will make a church out of the situation. If however, you say “I begging in the name of Jesus” and continue with your speech that should not bother anyone.
    So if Justice Kutigi made short islamic remarks- according to you before he started his speech and did not expect everyone to join in a situation that will make it look like an Islamic affair,what does it matter? Nigeria is a multi religious society and we should learn to have some tolerance for one another.
    Please do not unnecessarily incite people against one another. Stay out of politics!

    • Happy

      May 15, 2014 at 6:44 am

      you guys are incomprehensible many times. What he is saying is in pure consonance with common sense. Nigeria is not a muslim state for God’s sake. Wont you guys complain if Bakare starts his own speech with Jesus is Lord all in the name of religious freedom? its even beta to divide Nigeria into three so that you can go ahead and practice all your ideologies, kidnap yourselves, breed more suicide bombers like Muritala and brand your own country the way you like. and @Babalaje, in case you are a southerner, you can also join them since your reasoning is alike

      • Babalaje

        May 16, 2014 at 2:57 am

        I does not matter if Bakare started his speech with “in the name of Jesus” we will still listen to him anyway as long as he is not expecting everyone at the gathering to clap and sing along with him.
        Even if you choose to divide Nigeria into the North and the South, you would still have both Muslim and Christians alike making up the population of the different regions. I still say we should be more tolerant.
        Some societies that took religion and God completely out of their systems(schools and others) are now regretting what becomes of their youths

        • kholar

          May 20, 2014 at 5:06 pm

          In national issue religion should be set aside, after all, this religion things are borrow from no where and they are beginning to give us problem.

          • Xman

            August 11, 2014 at 8:44 pm

            In the issue of discourse, religion was not injected and it was set aside, if it was brought into the conference, it was Tunde Bakare and his likes that did that. As Muslims, they always begin anything they say or do with Bismillahi (in the name of God), which even a non Muslim understand not to talk of someone who claimed he was a Muslim.
            The maxim is do yours and I do mine, respect me and I respect you. Even if the Chairman is a non Muslim, and he begin his day with anything, and say it silently, who cares. It is fomenting trouble where there is non. Nurudeen Lemu’s speech showed how myopic and stupid Tunde Bakare is.
            He should learn how to be reasonable if he wants people of all faiths to respect and follow him. Even reasonable and objective Christians will know that what he did is just playing out a script to gain more respect amongst them, and for such Christians, it won’t work except amongst the gullible and ignorant ones.
            As far as I am concern, Uncle or Pastor Tunde Bakare is outrightly STUPID for this.

      • Sadiq S. O

        September 15, 2014 at 10:18 am

        The problem of Nigeria is that we now have many of our so leaders in the political arena who are merely business or at best entrepreneur. We have men who have ascended into the political profession not to build and serve Nigerians but to buy and sell Nigerians. And God will not watch to see such men truncate the destiny of this great nation…

    • Thebeloved

      September 3, 2014 at 10:23 am

      Dead wrong brother. Nigeria according to our present constitution is a Circular State not multi-religion as you claimed. However, same constitution allow you to practice your chosen religion without disturbing others. So when you come to national issue, please keep your religion at home

      • sola

        September 6, 2014 at 10:06 am

        **secular Thebeloved, not CIRCULAR

        • Thebeloved

          September 8, 2014 at 6:16 am

          Thank you for the correction.

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