Farooq Abdullah “Scared To Talk To Women”

Farooq Abdullah, who is often being criticised by people in his home state, Jammu and Kashmir, for dancing with Bollywood beauties, has whipped up a controversy by saying that “we should not keep women secretaries”.

Source: Flickr

Source: Flickr

While commenting on on the former Supreme Court judge AK Ganguly sexual harassment case, the Union New and Renewable Energy Minister said on Friday: “I’m scared to talk to a woman these days. I don’t even want to keep a female secretary, who knows, I might end up in jail because of a complaint.”

Clarifying that he was not blaming girls, Abdullah said that he was blaming the society itself. “The society has reached this point where now after one direction, it’s putting pressure on everyone.”

Women politicians and activists didn’t lose a moment to attack Dr Abdullah.

Meneka Gandhi castigated Dr. Abdullah by saying that he “takes everything lightly, even Kashmir”.

“His ministry is in a mess. All you see Dr. Abdullah doing is dancing in photographs and going abroad,” she alleged.

BJP leader, Smriti Irani said: “It’s a very inappropriate comment, especially to be made on the steps of Parliament, indicating that women are only to be hired so that they can be called up unfavourably or they can be demeaned.”

However, Dr Abdullah found some supporters as well. His son and Kashmir chief minister, Omar Abdullah said on Twitter: “I’m sure the attempt wasn’t to trivialise important issue of women’s security so I hope dad apologises for the misplaced attempt at humour.”

Ambika Soni said Dr Abdullah must be “kidding”. “Its not like that. I don’t expect such comments from him.”



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