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Teen Sells Unborn Baby On Facebook, Arrested

Police in Chile have arrested a teen for selling her baby on popular social networking website, Facebook, for a paltry $113 [7000 rupees].

Source: Flickr

Source: Flickr

17-year-old Veronica Carrera Chaparro from Maipu was arrested along with her mother and sister – accused of aiding in the sale of the baby.

She tried to hide the news from her family, but her boyfriend – who had promised to keep it secret – revealed it to her mother.

After finding out that Chaparro was two-months pregnant, her mother and sister suggested her to sell the baby.

They asked her to abort it or give for adoption, said police chief, Miguel Ampuero.

Immediately after the unborn baby was put up for sale on Facebook, interested parties started to get in touch with the family.

However, the deal couldn’t be negotiated until a couple from Santiago offered to pay the child’s formal registration fee of $1870 [115977 INR].

The baby, according to local newspapers, was delivered on 4 Nov. last year.

The following day, the couple paid the sum to authorities, Chilean newspaper Cooperativa reported.

However, Chaparro and her mother and sister might walk free, as according to Chilean law, ‘it is not a crime to offer the delivery of a newborn over the Internet, even if financial compensation is offered’.

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