Ukranian Women Urged Not To Sleep With Russians

Days after the annexation of Crimea by Russia, a group of Ukranian women have decided to hurt Russians where it pains the most. They are calling for a sex boycott against Russian men.
Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

A Facebook group, ‘Don’t Give it to a Russian’, launched last week, calls on Ukraine’s “female heroes” to “fight the enemy by whatever means”.

They have named their campaign after a verse from Kateryna, a poem by Ukrainian national hero Taras Shevchenko: “Fall in love, O dark-browed maidens, but not with the Moskaly (Russians).”

“We’ve used this campaign to draw attention to the chaos done by the Russians in Crimea; kidnapping, limiting the rights of people, preventing journalists from doing their work… And yes,  Ukrainian women prefer Ukrainian men,” Katerina Venzhik, one of the organisers, told The Independent.
Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

“We believe that in the context of military occupation it is silly to continue to assert that all men are brothers. What Russia is doing in Ukraine is terrible, but the world sees their actions primarily through the prism of the pro-Putin propaganda.”

While the campaign has caught a storm on the Internet in Russia, many of the bloggers in the country, however, have responded by calling these women “prostitutes”.
Some even raised questions about the authenticity of the campaign as part of the Facebook page of the group is written in Russian.
Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

The campaign, though interesting, is not a unique one. Only last month, a group of women in Tokyo threatened not to sleep with any man who voted for a gubernatorial candidate who was seen to have outdated views on gender.

Demanding an end to Liberian civil war, a group called the Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace led a sex strike in 2003.

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In Ukraine, the feminist group Femen called on the wives and girlfriends of the members of the prime minister’s cabinet to boycott sex in opposition to what they called the prime minister’s “caddish and humiliating attitude towards Ukrainian women.”

Tension has been mounting in Ukraine following the controversial referendum in which 97 per cent residents of Crimea voted to join the Russian Federation.

After signing a treaty on Crimea’s accession to Russia, the Putin-led government has ordered its forces to seize Ukrainian ships and military installations in Crimea.

Fearing for their safety, Ukraine’s acting president ordered the country’s troops to leave Crimea.



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