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India needs Toilets, Article 370 Can Wait

India needs Toilets, Article 370 Can Wait

Prachita Jaitley I was dying every moment but nobody can feel that pain,” a teenaged girl told WaterAid India, a charity bringing sanitation to the world’s poorest communities, as she recounted how trying it was when you have no choice but to defecate in open. “One day, I saw my own family members, my uncle

Right-Wing Feeds On Economic Insecurity

By Naim Naqvi Our world is a global village and people have been migrating from one place to another since prehistoric times for survival, better life and bright future. Succeeding races changed their geography and the turn of events changed their habits, religions and often hues of their skin colour and features. Nothing is constant in

Review: Capital in the Twenty-First Century

By Naveed Qazi Economist Thomas Piketty’s new book, “Capital In The Twenty-First Century”, has focused on the alternative between Capitalism and Communism. Branko Milanovic, a former economist at the World Bank, called it “one of the watershed books in economic thinking.” Paul Krugman, winner of the Nobel in economic science and a columnist for The New