Modi, BJP Behind Assam Killings: Legislator

Blaming the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of being “hand in glove with terror groups”, an Assamese legislator has alleged that the party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi might be involved in the killing of 34 Muslims in the Bodoland Autonomous Territorial Districts (BTAD) of the state.

Photography By Mahtab Alam/ Flickr

Photography By Mahtab Alam/ Flickr

Piyush Hazarika, Raha MLA and Assam Youth Congress president, said: “Modi wants to repeat in Assam what he did in Gujarat in 2002.”

“On April 1, immediately after Narendra Modi’s rally in Biswanath Chariali, a local BJP leader, Bhavdev Goswami, told a TV channel that BJP had the support of NDFB rebels.

“At Sri Rampur on the Assam-West Bengal border, Modi said he would drive out all Bangaldeshis after May 16.”

“What more evidence do you need that BJP is hand in glove with terror groups?”

The death toll of three attacks on unarmed Muslims in Kokrajhar district by suspected Bodo militants from the last week rose to 34 after bodies of two women were found floating in the Beki river on Sunday.

Armed with automatic rifles and grenades, Bodo militants, according to the police, gunned down Muslims in their homes in three separate attacks since May 1.

Assam Police has said the Bodo tribesmen attacked the Muslim settlers as a retribution for not supporting their candidate in the recently held parliamentary polls.

They believe National Democratic Front of Bodoland or NDFB’s Sangbijit group is behind the killings, even though the group has denied its role.

Goswami told a TV channel on April 1 that members of two NDFB factions – Sangbijit and Ranjan Daimary – had pledged support to the BJP for the Lok Sabha polls after they had a meeting with them at Bhalukpung.

“When Rahul Gandhi had a rally at Biswanath Chariali on March 27, NDFB had declared a bandh,” Hazarika said to buttress his claims that the two parties were in cahoots.

Union Minority Affairs Minister, K Rahman Khan, also blamed the BJP and Modi for the massacre.

“It is Modi and the BJP which has created instability in that area, where 30 percent of the population having 90 percent representation in the council. Now with such statements of the BJP and Modi’s statement will raise the Bangladeshi issue, they always raise this issue during the time of elections and victims are the poor Muslims in Assam,” Khan said.

“This is the consequences of the BJP polices. The other day I saw an interview of the BJP president, Rajnath Singh, where he said that those Hindus who have come from West Bengal will be treated as refugees, while those who have come after 1971 will be asked to go back. This has emboldened these forces, this is what we were afraid of.

“The very fact that it was the NDA government which created Bodoland where large majority of population were ignored. Now Narendra Modi again raises the Bangladeshi issues, which has become an election plank and therefore when the elections are on his statement was irresponsible.

Modi, who is seen as India’s next prime minister, hasn’t condemned the killings. In fact, he told an election rally in West Bengal on Sunday that “illegal immigrants” should “pack their bags”.

“You are concerned about infiltrators and not your own people … they must go back, they are robbing the youths of India of their livelihood,” he said.



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