Pak Woman Stoned To Death For Marrying Her Love

By News Desk

A 25-year-old Pakistani woman was stoned to death in front of Lahore High Court by her family members on Tuesday for marrying the man she loved.

More than a dozen family members, including her father and brothers, attacked Farzana Iqbal and her husband with bricks and sticks, while a crowd of onlookers kept watching silently.

Police officials told the newsmen in Lahore that Ms Iqbal had married Muhammad Iqbal even though she was engaged to a cousin.

They were waiting for the court to open when the woman’s father, Mohammad Naseem, who had filed an abduction case against her husband, attacked them.

Mr Azeem, who has been arrested by the police, has confessed to the crime, which he called ‘honour killing’.

“I killed my daughter as she had insulted all of our family by marrying a man without our consent, and I have no regret over it,” he reportedly told the police.

Ms Iqbal was three-month’s pregnant at the time of the attack, her father has confirmed.

The horrific news comes a month after Human Rights Commission of Pakistan said in a report that some 869 women were murdered in ‘honor killings’ in 2013.

Public stoning is rare in Pakistan but incidents of ‘honor killings’ continue to make headlines in newspapers.

Conviction rates in Pakistan are very low and according to rights activists the country’s law is also to be blamed.

According to the country’s laws, a victim’s family can forgive her killers. Even in those cases that result in conviction, killers often walk free because of these laws.

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