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Ramadhan: Is Fasting relevant In This Age?

Ramadhan: Is Fasting relevant In This Age?

Adil Reyaz Ramadhan, the ninth month of Islamic calendar, has begun in Muslim world. Around 1.6 billion Muslims – constituting about 23 per cent of world population – will observe fasting from dawn until dusk, and will also forego liquids and sexual relations with their partners. The prophet of Islam, Muhammad [PBUH] told the Muslims,

In Pictures: How To Photograph Birds

By Sameer Ashraf Photographing birds is a pet subject of snappers who nurture a passion for freezing various frames of nature. Given the fact that birds take a flight even at the slightest human intervention, bird photography requires a specialized skill set besides the best possible photographic gear. According to the world’s most gifted bird photographers,

Of Kazakhstan And Euro- Asian Economic Union

By Naveed Qazi The birth of Euro-Asian Economic Union is Vladimir Putin’s brainchild, and Russia’s answer of the European Union (EU). Mr Putin dreams of creating a tariff free trade zone along with other member states, thereby fostering closer socio-economic ties. This strategically important exercise has to go well with the other two players —

Modi’s Promised ‘Achhe Din’ A Mirage?

By Naim Naqvi ‘Achhe din aane wale hain’ – this is how ‘Rockstar Modi, the ‘politician Modi’, the ‘visionary Modi’, and the ‘magician Modi’ with 56-inch chest responded after his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won a landslide in India’s parliamentary elections last month. Thirteen days after Narendra Modi took over the reigns of power from