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Woman Hires Contract Killer, Gets Husband Killed For Infidelity

Woman Hires Contract Killer, Gets Husband Killed For Infidelity

By TNK Staff If your woman can love you madly, she can get you killed too! In a similar incident in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh state, a woman got her husband killed by contract killers because she suspected his fidelity. Convinced that her suspicions about the illicit relationship of her husband were not unfounded, Rabiya

AAP Sweep: Lessons For Kashmir

By Mohamad Zubair-u-Din Call it the divine disgrace or the interplay of stars, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was reduced to rubble by Arvind Kejriwal and his brigade in the recently concluded Delhi assembly polls. There was lot of debate on social and electronic media on the possible reasons for the humiliating defeat of the

In Pictures: Funeral of Palhallan Youth

Mother of a Kashmiri youth Farooq Ahmad Bhat, 20, killed in firing by government forces last night at Palhallan, wails as his body is taken to martyrs’ graveyard for burial on Tuesday. Mourners click pictures of Bhat as his funeral procession heads towards martyrs’ graveyard. Kashmiri women watch with tearful eyes funeral procession of Bhat,

Switch Off Smartphones An Hour before Bedtime For Good Night’s Sleep

By News Desk “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man [woman too] healthy, wealthy and wise,” is an age-old maxim. But the infiltration of smartphones even into our bedrooms, a good night’s sleep is unthinkable. A research carried out by researchers from the University of Basel in Switzerland has exactly said that. The

What Is Wrong With Religions?

By Mohamad Zubair-u-din The history of various religions coincides with the beginning of human life on earth. The scientific (logical) reasons assigned for the discovery of religion and the associated beliefs revolve around the concept that man found it difficult to explain the reasons behind different natural phenomena like the coming down of the rains,