UN Vote: Palestine Blames India’s ‘Burgeoning Military Ties With Israel’

By Syed Basit Bukhari

Palestine has blamed India’s “burgeoning military relationship with Israel” for her abstention from a vote against the Jewish country at the United Nations, a media report said today.

The Palestinian Ambassador to India, Adnan Abu Alhaija, told Hindu newspaper that India’s decision has been “affected” by its “burgeoning military relationship with Israel.”

Expressing shock at its abstention from a vote on the rights violations committed by Israel during the 2014 assault in which 1462 Palestinian civilians were killed in a period of two months, Alhaija said that the move “marks a departure” from Delhi’s “traditional position”.

“We were shocked. The Palestinian people and leaders were very happy with the U.N. resolution, but the voting of India has broken our happiness,” Ambassador Alhaija said.

India was among five countries which abstained, while 41 countries voted in favour of the resolution, which said Israel should bring those responsible for human rights violations to justice.

“In a scenario where the European Union members, who were once considered steadfast supporters of Israel, voted against it, India’s abstention stands out as a sore thumb and will send a confusing signal,” said Alhaija said.

Despite the vote, Alhaija said Palestine looked forward to Modi’s visit to the region, sometime “at the end of this year and beginning of 2016”.

“We will still like to believe that this incident is merely an aberration and doesn’t reflect India’s diplomatic history and its desire to help the oppressed people of the world. We will still like to believe that this is a one-off incident and not a trend,” he said.



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