‘Dream, Never Give Up’

Burhan was pondering over the words said to him by an elderly person he met the other day while returning from his school.

His words, “Dream and never give up”, sent Burhan into deep mystical reflection.

He murmured, “I will fly far off in the distant lands to explore the diverse colours. I will try to decipher the deeper mysteries of life and unlock the cultural vagaries people share and live in. I will plead the cause of downtrodden, a surreal to my inner peace.”


Accordingly, Burhan set off and accorded all he required in pursuance of his dream.

Burhan set right the track and embroidered it with golden strings. He was moving forward in leaps and bounds. In his journey he found people around who were all encompassing. Guiding, Teaching and care, all went together for Burhan and he began to perceive his cherished dream.

Burhan was left crazy by his beholden zeal and he visualised the dove flying above as a trailer!

As Burhan was trying to decipher and define the true meaning of his dream, he got a routine call from his father on one of the rainy mornings to fetch some bread. It had been raining continuously for some days and many rural peripheries living on and around the embankments of River Jhelum had already submerged.

However, Burhan was absolutely unaware about the havoc flood had wrought across the different areas of Kashmir. In a way Burhan, like most of his mates in the posh area of Srinagar, was sure that flood would not visit them.

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Yawning down the street, the eyes of Burhan glittered to encounter an unbelievable shock. There was a terrifying roar of the gushing ferocious waters with people running helter-skelter for safety who were being pursued relentlessly by the enraged and ever swelling waters. The wild waters were swallowing everything they encountered. It seemed the nature’s fury would submerge the historic city.

“Oh! My parents and loving siblings!” Burhan screamed and ran towards his home.

Burhan reached his hearth in the twinkle of an eye.

He found his parents and siblings scared by the terrifying roar who embraced him.

“Get Up Quickly!” Jaleel, Burhan’s father, cried as water began submerging them. They went up to the 2nd floor in a jiffy but that too didn’t suffice as water had turned wild and was trying to swallow them in its fury. Burhan, his parents and siblings stepped up and reached the pinnacle of their house. There were awful sighs, tears and desperate prayers to God. There was nothing consoling except a look at each other’s desperation. The dreadful struggle started as Jaleel tried to lift the spirits. Burhan was slowly arriving at the meaning of his dream which had eluded him since long as he was resisting the galloping waves of water.

Meanwhile, Sara, Burhan’s Mother lost the battle and was consumed by the raging waters.

Jaleel cried, “Burhan! Never Give Up! Don’t Give Up! Chase till the last moment!” An old Jaleel, too, finally fell to the tides after murmuring a few prayers. Jaleel’s last words had a magical effect.

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Burhan felt a fire stoked in him and he realised that it was his first trial en route his dream. Feeling reinvigorated, Burhan tethered a rope with his two siblings whom he loved passionately and tried to console them.

“We will fight it together. Dad never gave up in his life”, were the words, Burhan uttered to his two siblings. And as Burhan and his siblings were wrangling and trying to negotiate the terrifying waters, a ‘heavenly’ help descended.

A large floating bucket suddenly appeared. Burhan and his two siblings fastened their hands on the edges of bucket and jumped in roaring waters. Now a desperate struggle started. The ferocious waters spiraled Burhan and his two siblings and wanted to consume them in its wrath. As the desperate struggle was on, Burhan addressed the waters, “Make way for us! There’s someone greater and more powerful than you”. The words had the desired effect as water turned scared and made way for them. In fact, the otherwise, furious waters guided their way to the safety shore.

The souls of parents were smiling at Burhan as they whispered in his ears. “Lord of the heavens is pleased with you!”

The dream was thus defined and realized for Burhan.



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