Burhan Where You Have Gone

Photo Source:facebook

Photo Source : Facebook

Burhan, where have you gone,

You know, no birds chirp in this sad dawn.

Is it true that you have died?

But were you not just born?

You, who had looked around

your mother proud

eyes which were round.

Honestly, it is so bizarre

Just yesterday night you had twinkled like a star

In your two storey house, in your drowsy village

In Kashmir, chased your dream

Gushing like a stream.

Why this senseless killing

Scary and bone chilling?

Does this make any sense?

This murder of innocence

This butchering of tiny dreams

Who will be tried for this killing?

Of your dreams?

was your crime?

You were just a nursery rhyme.

Pure and innocent.

You just loved to romp and fool around

Your red cheeks glowing with mischief

With grief the walnut trees have gone stiff.

They, who had sung songs

While you went round and round

The dream of chasing a butterfly

And chirping with the birds

Of listening to yet another lullaby,

Or maybe another good night

All fallen silent

Burhan Why was your last story

Alas, so gory?

Come, listen to just one more song

The last and final lullaby.

Burhan, where have you gone?



A novelist-poet, Dr Santosh Bakaya stays in Jaipur with her husband, Lalit Magazine and college going daughter. She is from Kashmir. She recently won theReuel International award for her long poem “OH HARK!” which is now part of “THE SIGNIFICANT ANTHOLOGY”.



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