In Jammu, BJP Leader, Booked Over WhatsApp Message

A BJP general secretary and the PRO of a senior BJP leader are among nearly one dozen people booked by police for allegedly trying to incite communal tension in Jammu’s Rajouri district.


Police said the two were booked in connection with the circulation of a WhatsApp message, which showed a photograph of the Kaaba — a building at the centre of Islam’s most sacred mosque in Mecca — with an image of Lord Shiva superimposed on it. The messages were circulated on September 14. Others have been booked for attacks on Muslims found in possession of bovines.
Police claimed the person who uploaded the photograph was identified as Atam Prakash, a BJP district general secretary. Police also claimed the administrator of the WhatsApp group where the photo was circulated was Vikrant Sharma, a government teacher working as the public relations officer (PRO) of BJP leader Kuldip Raj Gupta, th vice-chairperson of the State Advisory Board for Development of Pahari Speaking People.

Police said Prakash is absconding, while Vikrant is being questioned, though he had not been taken into custody. Gupta said he had reached out to Muslim leaders and requested them not to pursue the case.

Police said others booked for trying to incite communal tension had attacked Muslims found in possession of bovines. Such attacks have become frequent following last month’s order by the state high court, asking police to strictly enforce a law against slaughter of bovines and sale of beef in the state.

On September 26, one Abdul Hamid and his wife, found transporting a buffalo and a calf in Rajouri, were allegedly attacked by Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal activists. In another case, a Muslim man transporting a buffalo was attacked at Alfa gate on September 29.[The Indian Express]



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