Revealed: Kashmiri Student Who Ended Life For ‘Failing’ In Maths Had Topped His Class

By News Desk

A Kashmiri engineering student who ended life for ‘failing’ in an examination five months ago had in fact topped his class, a media report said today.

File Pic of Adnan Gilkar

File Pic of Adnan Gilkar

18-year-old Adnan Gilkar, a student of electronics engineering in Jammu, jumped into the river Jhelum hours after he got his mark sheet on June 18 earlier this year.

The results then showed he got 28 out of 100 in allies physics.

Five months after his parents applied for re-evaluation, it has emerged that it was a mistake and that he had in fact, topped his class, NDTV reported.

“Where can we find him and tell him this is your result and you have topped your class?” asks Hilal Ahmad Gilkar, Adnan’s father.

Adnan’s mother Abida wept: “I have lost everything- after Adnan’s death I don’t want to live anymore.”

The Kashmir Government Polytechnic College blames the state-run board for technical education for the mistake.

“It took four months for his parents to get the results of a re-evaluation, which revealed that the student had actually scored 48 per cent, which raised his overall result to 70 per cent,” the report said.

Gilkar says his son died because of negligent, incompetent examiners. “His classmates will confirm how intelligent Adnan was and whether he could bear this humiliation, he says. They do. “He never deserved what happened to him. He could do anything, he could do wonders, he knew everything,” says Adnan’s classmate Sadaf. The boy’s father wants the examiner booked for what he says is “a heinous crime.”

“Responsibility should be fixed and the system should be evaluated,” says Taha Andrabi, principal of the college.



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