Kashmir: Dilemma Of Modern Day Student And Teacher’s Role

By Mohammad Zubair u-din

Education in its general sense is a form of learning in which knowledge skills and habits of a group of people are transferred from one generation to the next through teaching, training and research. Generally it occurs through any experience that has a formative effect on the way one thinks feels or acts and in this whole process the role of educational institutions are supposed to provide a proper atmosphere so that students can give vent to their varied mental faculties. However six years of teaching experience has unfolded before me some hard realities as to be eschewed here.

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In the first place the majority of students I have come across during my Six year teaching tenure lack a certainty of purpose and coherent goals to be pursued to their logical conclusion. They lack the fire and no wonder I have found them time and again lost in puzzles while delivering lectures.

I did try to find answer to their indifferent attitude and engaged many of them in discussions. I could easily infer from their innocent utterances that we need to revisit our techniques and priorities and turn our educational institutions into the nurseries where the latent but diverse mental faculties of our young buds would be polished so as enable them to find their due station in life. It won’t serve our purpose if we continue to encourage cramming among our students right from the beginning of their academic career.

The creative faculties of our students have to be located and then groomed by us. Here the role of our teachers at the primary, middle and secondary levels is of paramount importance. We can’t afford to let our future generation of students go astray and be left in quandary.True,the infrastructure in our schools may not be upto the mark but then we must not hide our responsibilities behind this excuse. I was wonder struck when a few of my students revealed that they had been accustomed to writing answers to the textbook questions without any efforts ever been made as to clear the concepts and enable the students to develop their independent comprehension of the different subjects.

It is no hidden that modern day world has presented before us the multifaceted challenges. We can hardly afford to lock ourselves in a separate shell and ignore the pressing challenges. The situation demands adequate redress. We have to keep updating ourselves with the latest knowledge and the new techniques and pass on the same to our students in order to enable them to step in the present day competitive world with confidence and take their due share. The belief of Arnold Toynbee, a great historian, is that human phenomena runs on the twin principle of challenge and response. Challenge offers a problem and response the solution. The stronger the response to a challenge the more successful we will emerge. Great empires witnessed decline and were erased from the scene once there was a breakdown in the successful application of responses to ever increasing challenges. Nature has devolved upon our shoulders this huge responsibility as teachers are central in shaping the future of any nation. Our spirits must be zealous and we must embark upon the sacred mission of shaping the lives of our students with renewed vigor and zest.

Notwithstanding the above, students, too, on their part, have to don the mantle of zealous learners. The attractions and the glamour of the present day world should hardly bother and distract them from pursuing their primary mission in life. True the internet has revolutionized the human life and its uses are all pervading but of late it has become a major source of distraction for our students. Rather than utilizing the internet for productive uses our students waste hours together on social networking sites like facebook and twitter. The trend demands an early arrest for otherwise it will jeopardize the career of many of our energetic intelligent buds. And then cable TV is another equally strong addiction. Our parents, too, have to come forward and assist in improving the education sector in the true sense of word.

The upbringing of our children has to be fostered on sound moral principles and a taste for inculcating knowledge developed right from the childhood. To add, parents must make the teacher accountable and should be due participants of the whole education system. The tuition centers are not a solution. And when a teacher out of his concern for the student rebukes him for his non seriousness, the concerned parent ought to take due cognizance of it.

Rather than taking the side of his ward and reprimanding the teacher a parent must return thanks to the teacher(s). Our elders and parents ought to shun their negative attitudes towards the teachers’ community and assist and co-operate them in polishing the intellect and shaping the future of our students.



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