Hilal War Welcomes Joint Statement Of Resistance Leadership

Srinagar, Jan 18: The People’s Political Party ( PPP) Chairman and senior Hurriyat leader, Engineer Hilal Ahmad War has welcomed the joint statement of the resistance leadership asking for a strike in Gow Kadal and the adjoining areas to commemorate the Gowkadal massacre. “I find it so heartening and congratulate the leadership that they sent a message across that we haven’t forgotten our martyrs or the watershed tragedies that have been and are being heaped upon us by the occupying State of India through its armed forces and the State police,” said Er. War in a statement issued to KNS.

War said that Tuesday’s press conference was a gentle reminder to the leadership and not a potshot. “My Tuesday’s press conference was not aimed at any of the resistance leaders in whom we have faith. It was a gentle reminder to the unified leadership that Kashmiri oppressed nation cannot forget the Gawkadal Massacre, the first major massacre of Kashmir which was carried out by the occupational forces of India after the inception of the armed struggle,” said Er. War.

He said, “PPP has no ill will against the leadership. We are a responsible constituent of APHC led by Mirwaiz Umar Farooq. We are united in Hurriyat and will remain so. My all utterances and actions are to strengthen the movement and to magnify the image of the leadership. We have full confidence and faith in the leadership and I reiterate my stand that Gawkadal Massacre was a sinister plot of the Home Ministry of India to pave the way for Kashmiri Pandits’ exodus.”

He said that his press conference underscores the democratic values of Hurriyat Conference. “Hurriyat is a democratic forum and it’s the rich democratic values that guarantees its members like me to put forth their views and objections. I want to make it clear to the adversary and the anti-movement elements that the resistance leadership is one rock-solid monolith and we can never be divided,” said Er. War.



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