Taliban Chief Tells Followers Not To Fight Islamic State

Kabul, Oct 8 ———– Taliban chief Hebatullah Akhundzada has told his followers not to fight against the Islamic State, citing “shared goals”, a senior Aghan security official said on Sunday.

The militant leader issued the order during his visit to Musa Qala district of southern Helmand province some 10 days ago, a senior security official in the region told 1TV news.

Akhundzada was accompanied by the Quetta Shura, a Taliban leadership council based in Pakistan. Shadow Taliban governors from Afghanistan’s northern, southern and eastern provinces also attended the meeting, according to the official.

The Taliban and the IS have fought some deadly clashes in the past, with the former accusing the latter of being hypocrites and stooges of the unbelievers while the latter rejecting the former as a terrorist group seeking to occupy Afghanistan.

The Taliban’s acceptance of IS comes as it was under increasing pressure following the announcement of US strategy on Afghanistan in August.



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