Kashmiri Language Lost Its Promoter In Shujaat Bukhari’s Death

It was on 14th June 2018 when bullets silenced intellectual, statesman and a far sighted personality namely Dr. Syed Shujaat Bukhari.

The bullets which silenced Shujaat Bukhari Sahib are the same, which snatched innocence of Dr. Abdul Ahad Guru and thousands of like-minded intellectuals.

Shujaaat Bukhari was an institution in himself, who crafted his own image all across ideological spectrum.

Shujaat Bukhari was a messenger of peace and reconciliation. He was an iconic figure in his entire journalistic carrier. His pragmatic outlook coupled with farsightedness has always ignited hope and inspiration.

The launching of Rising Kashmir, Buland Kashmir, Sangarmal etc were his credible and landmark contributions.Their launching marked the beginning of new era in journalistic landscape.

Shujaat Sahib never compromised on basic fundamentals and ethics of journalism. His columns symbolised truth, reason, logic and a ray of reconciliation.

He always cautioned about Indo-Pak tussle and its geo-political ramifications.

Shujaat Sahib always encouraged budding writers like me by giving much needed platform.He treated new writers with compassion, brotherhood and love. His guidance and encouragement blossomed the passion and grit of budding writers.

The contribution of Shujaat Sahib in literary circles will be written in golden words. He nurtured this passion with his blood and sweat.The love of Kashmiri language was ingrained in his blood. He invested his intellectual brilliance in the promotion of his beloved language and culture.The launching of Sangarmal was a credible intervention in this respect.

Kashmiri language has lost a brave soldier, who always gave his blood for its promotion.

The introduction of Kashmiri upto 8th standard was a nurtured dream of Shujaat Sahib. Adbi Markaz Kamraz has lost its cornerstone in the death of Shujaat Sahib.

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Shujaat Sahib was a great votary of peace and reconciliation between India and Pakistan. He always preached the essence of peaceful settlement of Kashmir imbroglio.

Shujaat Sahib was a statesman par excellence. He participated in every peace conference including track 2 dialogue irrespective of political priorities. In addition to it, Shujaat Sahib dominated in every social work particularly in his hometown. During the 2014 devastating floods, he worked with zeal and zest in rescue operations. His passion for social work was his article of faith.At the last, this great thinker became victim of contesting political narratives. May Allah rest his soul in Janatul-Firdous (Ameen).

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