Kashmir: Posters Purportedly Belonging To Hizb ul Mujahideen Warn Against Participation In Independence Day function

SRINAGAR, AUGUST 14: Posters purportedly belonging to Hizb ul Mujahideen “giving last warning to those trying to crush the freedom spirit among masses,” have gone viral on social media.

The posters, which also appeared at a few places in Srinagar, and warn those who sent their children to functions organized by government or forces in connection with August 15, marking Independence Day.

The posters have been purportedly signed by Hizbul Mujahideen district commander Srinagar Abu Irfan and says that there would be no “other warning”.

“The second (next) poster will unmask all those people with their names and photographs and expose them (before) the general public,” the poster reads.

Hizb also asked the parents not to send their wards for the Independence Day celebrations.

“The school or college heads who are forcing our brothers and sisters to participate in such events must know that they have to answer before the people who have offered everything for this pious cause.”

“There is no information about such posters having appeared in any part of the city. We will still verify,” a senior police officer said.

Asked about the posters having going viral on social media, the officer said: “We will look into it and there are enough security measures in place and as such, there is nothing to worry about”.

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