“Anti-Kashmir Attitude Will Produce More Militants”: Agnivesh

Hindu Scholar and eminent Indian Civil Society member Swami Agnivesh Saturday said that it was a “shame” that the flood victims in Kashmir were still awaiting a rehabilitation package while a huge package was given to Bihar with a sole purpose to garner more and more votes.  “This is votebank politics and they feel Kashmir is not their votebank, so, Modi ignored Kashmir,” he said.


He said that Kashmir has been eagerly awaiting an economic package to restart businesses and reconstruct infrastructure, damaged by the floods in September last year.

“The floods last year submerged Srinagar’s residential neighbourhoods and villages in south Kashmir. It affected nearly 15 lakh families in the region. The flood caused widespread devastation and damaged hundreds of houses and commercial infrastructure. Many flood-affected families have so far received a meager interim relief of Rs 3,800. This is shame for the government of India and I must tell you that the attitude and behavior from New Delhi will produce more militants and nothing else,” he said.

Swami Agnivesh told CNS that the people were “expecting something” to come from the Central government. “But it is unfortunate that the Centre is not doing anything. Is it because there is election in Bihar or because Kashmiri’s are discriminated against. I fail to understand what yardstick the present Central government is using,” he said adding that there is deep alienation and India will pay a price for it in near future. CNS

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