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Kashmiri Idiom ‘Gindnas Paeth Wadnas’ Explains It All

Kashmiri Idiom ‘Gindnas Paeth Wadnas’ Explains It All

Just rewind to your school days when you would hide your friend’s tiffin, or pinch him or mock him in front of everybody just to pull his leg, and your friend while innocently falling for it, would come to tears, and sometimes even lose his temper. Remember what you would tell him? Gindnas Paeth Chukh

‘Maha Chor’ Kashmiris: Why Single Out Abdullah

Farooq Abdullah’s remark is highly condemnable, but we Kashmiris have to share some blame too, says Kamran Shamshad Just when electricity meters were being re-installed in Kashmir Valley after almost two decades in early 2000, some myths regarding meters started doing rounds. One of the many myths that had become a household story was how

Good Morning J&K: A Lackluster Show

In its initial days, “Good Morning J&K” seemed very novel, making me believe it would give tough competition to the live morning information programme, Payam E Subh. But that was not to be, says Kamran Shamshad ‘Good Morning J&K’. This is the greeting viewers of DD Kashir wake up to every morning. ‘Good Morning Kashmir’,