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Iranian Cultural Mores

Resilience, patriotism, consciousness of religion, learning and patriotism have defined the Iranian ways of life throughout history, especially in post modern Iran.   In fact places like Qom, regarded as the seat of religious learning, has been exemplified by poets where even the birds are believed to be ‘pilgrims’. The ancient world acknowledged that the

The Ottoman Revival

By NAVEED QAZI July 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the fall of the all-powerful Ottoman Empire. The Ottomans had victoriously marched the streets of Damascus on September 26, 1516, but 402 years later they had to taste defeat. The Ottoman Empire was one of the most powerful Islamic Empires (1290-1918). In 16th century, entire

Of Kazakhstan And Euro- Asian Economic Union

By Naveed Qazi The birth of Euro-Asian Economic Union is Vladimir Putin’s brainchild, and Russia’s answer of the European Union (EU). Mr Putin dreams of creating a tariff free trade zone along with other member states, thereby fostering closer socio-economic ties. This strategically important exercise has to go well with the other two players —