Want Bigger Biceps? Follow This Workout

BY Syed Basit Bukhari

There are no magic supplements or formulas to achieve your fitness goal and to get bigger arms. The only way to achieve this is to Work SMART and HARD for the Best Workout Results!

As goes the maxim, “Hardwork has no shortcut”! You have to work hard on every single arm workout to make a great pair of GUNS. Take tons of protein, calories, pills, it will never work until you work harder and smarter.

My bet is if you’ve been training for any length of time and are the proverbial easy-gainer (good genetics) then you probably wouldn’t even be reading this article. If you’re an easy-gainer just about anything you do work to build bigger muscles. (I’ve always hated those guys!)

If you’re like the rest of us, you’ve had to practically sweat blood for every single ounce of muscle you’ve built. Don’t feel bad, you’re not alone, my friend!

I think it is a big achievement for a person of average genetics to gain one inch on your arms in one month.
But, it might be more or less also depending on your diet and genetics. But even half-inch gain on your upper arms can make a fairly impressive change in your physique.

So here is the procedure to be followed. Here is a training schedule for next one month which is going to target your biceps and make them bigger. And you have to exercise your biceps on Saturday, so your biceps will get some rest on Sunday, which will also result in heavy gains.

Week: 1 and 3    Day: Saturday

1. Standing BARBELL BICEPS CURL 3 8-12
2. One arm preacher dumbell curl 3 8-12
3. Incline dumbell curl 3 10-14
4. Hammer curl 3 10-14
5. Concentration curl 2 10-12


Week: 2 and 4       Day: Saturday

1. Preacher zig-zag curl 3 8-12
2. Seated dumble press 3 8-12
3. Incline dumble curl 3 10-14
4. Hammer curl 2 10-14
5. Standing cable crossover curl 2 8-12


Here are some representational pictures to demonstrate some positions and encourage you to pump iron with renewed energy.

Barbell Drag Curls
concentration curl
Concentration Curl


One hand Preacher curl
cable crossover
Cable crossover
zig zag
zig-zag preacher curl
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