BJP-PDP Put JK On Fire: Karra Tells Rahul Gandhi In Two Meetings At Delhi

SRINAGAR MAY 07 ,2018 : Senior Congress leader, Tariq Hameed Karra held two consecutive meetings with All India Congress Committee (AICC) President, Rahul Gandhi in Delhi on May 03 and 05.
According to the statement Karra had a detailed discussion regarding the deteriorating situation in the entire country due to BJP’s mis-governance and politics of polarization.
He also briefed Rahul about mishandling of state’s situation by PDP-BJP combine at the state level and BJP at the National level.
Karra cautioned Rahul Gandhi about increasing alienation of the people due to application of extra muscular authority and brute handling by the security forces at ground zero, where spilling of blood has become a daily routine now.
He also discussed all the internal and external dimensions of Kashmir issue and issues of Kashmir and suggested him to walk an extra mile so as to address the genuine, political, social and economic grievances of the people.
Karra emphasized on Rahul Gandhi that the otherwise peaceful Jammu has also been put on fire by the right wingers to achieve their horrendous designs. “Eight-year-old Asifa’s gruesome rape and murder and post migration of Gujjar and Bakerwal community are glaring examples of nefarious designs of these ultra nationalist, hyper nationalist and muscular nationalist BJP-RSS combine who have jeopardized the people and tranquility of otherwise harmonious Jammu,” the statement added.
Karra briefed Gandhi about Jammu’s positive role with regard to communal and ethnic harmony. “It has always been on the forefront of upholding the high moral and social values of our age old inseparable bonds above the considerations of religion, region, and ethnicity of language. But for Sangh Parivaars ill designs so sowing the seeds of hatred among the cross section of society just to earn electoral benefits, it has put Jammu also on fire. Thus plurality and the composite centre of Jammu need to be protected,” Karra emphasized on Rahul Gandhi.
Karra also informed him about the agonies and plight of people living on international border who are caught between the fire for no fault of theirs.
Karra also discussed all the organizational dimensions of J&K State with Rahul Gandhi.

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