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Blue Whale: Underground, Unknown And Dangerous

Blue Whale: Underground, Unknown And Dangerous

New Delhi, Aug 6 ——-Despite demands for a ban on a game that is believed to have pushed a 14-year-old Mumbai boy to suicide, it may not be possible to bar the Blue Whale Challenge, an Internet expert said. The ban issue was recently raised in the Maharashtra assembly and in the Rajya Sabha by

‘Dream, Never Give Up’

Burhan was pondering over the words said to him by an elderly person he met the other day while returning from his school. His words, “Dream and never give up”, sent Burhan into deep mystical reflection. He murmured, “I will fly far off in the distant lands to explore the diverse colours. I will try

Banning Porn Won’t Work, Sex Education Will: Experts

By Nishant Arora New Delhi, Aug 4:  Terming the government’s crackdown on 857 pornographic websites an “act in haste”, the country’s top sex and behavioural experts have favoured making sex education mandatory for young Indian teenagers so that crimes like rape or child molestation can be efficiently curbed. According to them, a crackdown is not the

Injustice, O’ Allah: Yakub’s Last Words

By KICK STAFF As the noose was tightened around his neck, a spiritual leader asked Yakub Memon to confess. “Allah, the Almighty, is All wise and the Knower of All things. I am innocent and I must not be hanged. It is injustice and I am a victim of political murder,” replied Yakub, as he

Rajnath Holds Pakistan Responsible For Dinanagar Attack

Holding Pakistan responsible for the July 27 Dinanagar attack, Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday said any attack by enemies will meet an effective and forceful response from the Indian security forces. Making a formal statement in the Rajya Sabha, the home minister said the central government was committed to rooting out terrorism from the