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Who Will Head Next Government in Jammu Kashmir?

Who Will Head Next Government in Jammu Kashmir?

By News Desk Srinagar – As the deadlock continues over the government formation in Jammu and Kashmir following the fractured verdict in the recently-concluded assembly elections, we try to take a look at the new dispensation that will head the state through the prism of latest developments. Outgoing Chief Minister and Working President of National

Right-Wing Feeds On Economic Insecurity

By Naim Naqvi Our world is a global village and people have been migrating from one place to another since prehistoric times for survival, better life and bright future. Succeeding races changed their geography and the turn of events changed their habits, religions and often hues of their skin colour and features. Nothing is constant in

How Stage Was Set for Polls in Srinagar

Tuesday afternoon. Barricades, barbed wires and check posts were erected across the Srinagar city and policemen in riot gear stopped every second vehicle passing by. By putting the public to immense inconvenience, gun-toting policemen ensured that residents returned to their homes as soon as possible. Many routes were closed down by policemen and people had

Kashmiri Idiom ‘Gindnas Paeth Wadnas’ Explains It All

Just rewind to your school days when you would hide your friend’s tiffin, or pinch him or mock him in front of everybody just to pull his leg, and your friend while innocently falling for it, would come to tears, and sometimes even lose his temper. Remember what you would tell him? Gindnas Paeth Chukh

Scarlett Johansson Promotes Occupied West Bank Company, Quits Oxfam

By Naim Naqvi Time and again it has been proved that the first casualty of war is always truth. The latest being the statement of The Avengers star Scarlett Johansson as she quit her seven-year ambassador role with humanitarian group Oxfam following massive criticism over her decision to star in an advertising campaign for Israeli