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Right-Wing’s Double Whammy

Right-Wing’s Double Whammy

With the appointment of Kashmir-born Raheel Khursheed as head of news, politics and government at Twitter India, the BJP feels threatened, as it perceives an end to manipulation of its followers on the popular social networking platform, says Naim Naqvi In the garb of a fake slogan of ‘progress and development, many media outlets tried their

SnoopGate: Saheb’s Obsession And Spooky Silence

Thus goes an old Urdu couplet: “Qareeb hai yaroon roz-e-mahshar, Chupe ga khushton ka khoon kyun kar, jo chup rahe gee zaban-e-khanjar, lahoo pukarega aasteen ka.” It is not possible to transport the complete spirit in words from Urdu to English. However, it can be loosely translated like this: ‘the Day of Judgment is near,

Of Asaram Bapu, Rape, Doublespeak Of Politicians

Rupee’s free fall and the missing coal scam files aren’t the only issues India is facing right now; there are more troubling issues like the one persistently troubling half of the country’s population. Economic issues, sooner or later, will pass off, but the monster (read rape and harassment of women) is refusing to go away