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Blue Whale: Underground, Unknown And Dangerous

Blue Whale: Underground, Unknown And Dangerous

New Delhi, Aug 6 ——-Despite demands for a ban on a game that is believed to have pushed a 14-year-old Mumbai boy to suicide, it may not be possible to bar the Blue Whale Challenge, an Internet expert said. The ban issue was recently raised in the Maharashtra assembly and in the Rajya Sabha by

Framed By Wife, Tortured By Cops

By Amrita Mukherjee Rape, molestation, domestic violence, sexual harassment at workplace – women have finally come forward to tell their stories. But not many men would discuss how their wives harassed them, how they were slapped with the wife-beater tag for no fault of theirs, and how they had to fight the stigma of being

Nothing ‘Islamic’ about ‘Sex Jihad’ Of Tunisian Women

As early as April this year, former Mufti of Tunisia Sheikh Othman Battikh had told reporters that 13 Tunisian girls “were fooled” into travelling to Syria to offer their sexual services to rebels fighting to overthrow the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. Describing it as a form of prostitution, Battikh had said: “For Jihad in