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Framed By Wife, Tortured By Cops

Framed By Wife, Tortured By Cops

By Amrita Mukherjee Rape, molestation, domestic violence, sexual harassment at workplace – women have finally come forward to tell their stories. But not many men would discuss how their wives harassed them, how they were slapped with the wife-beater tag for no fault of theirs, and how they had to fight the stigma of being

Facebook to Bridge Great Digital Divide

Netizens are a certain kind of people who use the Internet as an information gateway and as a tool to gain knowledge in various spheres of life. In fact, the digital revolution is first of its kind, after the evolution of social sciences. The Digital Divide, as we see, exists among urban and rural populations

Mumbai Businessman Designs World’s ‘Best Pizza Box’

The world’s best pizza box doesn’t come out from Italy, as you might have presumed. It comes from India, it can be said. Fed up of eating tasteless, soggy pizzas every weekend, 58-year-old Vinay Mehta, has now revolutionized how pizza is home-delivered across the world. The Mumbai-based businessman who has been into packaging industry for 36

In Pictures: ‘One Billion Rising’ in Delhi

For thousands of people, who turned up at the Central Park in New Delhi’s Connaught Place, Valentine’s Day wasn’t a rose-colored or a starry-eyed gala as the popular culture wants it to be, says Dar Faisal Instead, it was an occasion to join hundreds of school-going children, volunteers from various charities and musicians who were

Student’s $8 Underwear To Fight Rape Culture

Don’t write off panties as just a kinky tool to seduce men, they could well be used to fight the rape culture and unfair objectification of women, says Sanjay Pandey With her $8 lingerie a college student hopes to change the way people think about sex and consent. Amulya Sanagavarapu, 22, has launched her line

Nayak 2: ‘The Common Man Rises’

After getting a massive thumbs-up for the satirical video, ‘Ladies! It’s your fault’- in which actors Kalki Koechlin and Juhi Pande were seen telling other women that the rape is always the victim’s fault – the comedy group, All India Bakchod, has struck again. This time, the group has come up with a video that

‘Sex can make you smarter, porn dumber’

Making love might help you become smarter, but watching pornography could make you dumber, two separate research studies have suggested. While conducting experiments on mice and rats, researchers in Maryland and South Korea found that the sexual activity improves their mental performance and increases neurogenesis or the production of new neurons in the hippocampus. Long-term