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Revealed: Why Women Aren’t Good At Parking Cars

Revealed: Why Women Aren’t Good At Parking Cars

Next time you hear a man taking to age-old playground taunt, ‘you throw ball like a girl’, don’t discard it as a sexist remark. That could actually be true, as scientists have found that male and female brains are wired differently. While male brains are structured for perception and coordination, the new research says female

“Get Past The Point I Am Naked”, Miley Cyrus On Raunchy Video

She might have bared it all for her new Wrecking Ball video, which has gone ballistic over the Internet, but for Miley Cyrus, recording the video was much more of an “emotional experience”. Talking about the controversial video on Elvis Duran’s morning radio show, the former Disney teen star has advised people to “get past

Legless Indian Man Baffles Onlookers

A legless Indian man has become an overnight sensation for his incredible dancing skills. Vinod Thakur, 21, shot to fame after performing on reality show, India’s Got Talent, an offshoot of the popular Britain’s Got Talent. The mobile phone repairer, who taught himself over the Internet, baffles onlookers with his swiftness and deft dancing skills