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Watch Here: ‘Killing Fields of Muzaffarnagar’

Watch Here: ‘Killing Fields of Muzaffarnagar’

“I feel like drinking poison because of what they [rioters] have done to me. I am ashamed to show my face to the world.”……..Rape survivor With the help of narratives of survivors, director Gopal Menon has tried to reach the roots of 2013 Muzaffarnagar communal riots in a documentary film, ‘Killing Fields of Muzaffarnagar’. Mr

Good Morning J&K: A Lackluster Show

In its initial days, “Good Morning J&K” seemed very novel, making me believe it would give tough competition to the live morning information programme, Payam E Subh. But that was not to be, says Kamran Shamshad ‘Good Morning J&K’. This is the greeting viewers of DD Kashir wake up to every morning. ‘Good Morning Kashmir’,

Women ‘invite’ rape, says Women Commission Member

When a member of infamous Khap Panchayat in Haryana said eating chowmein led to rapes, many people discarded it as medieval thinking of an insensitive man of an equally insensitive Kangaroo court. But such thinking, it seems, is more widespread in India, and shockingly some women also share similar beliefs. Speaking at a gathering of

Tehelka Has Failed Women, Feminists: Woman Journalist

The woman journalist, who had accused Tehelka editor-in-chief Tarun Tejpal of sexually assaulting her, has resigned from the magazine. In her resignation letter, she said: “She was deeply traumatized by the lack of support offered by the organization.” Here is the full text of her resignation letter, addressed to the magazine’s managing editor, Shoma Chaudhury: