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Tehelka Journalist’s Email To Shoma Chaudhury

Tehelka Journalist’s Email To Shoma Chaudhury

Tehelka editor and publisher, Tarun Tejpal might face a prison sentence if rape charges are proven against him. Goa police have already lodged an FIR against the investigative journalist, who stepped down as editor of the magazine over allegations of sexual assault by a woman colleague. Here is the e-mail of the woman colleague to

Eflu Students Petition President Against ‘False’ Police Case

Alleging that the administration was playing a partisan role, the students of The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad or Eflu have petitioned the President Pranab Mukherjee to ensure that the “false police case” filed against six students is withdrawn. 467 people have signed the online petition so far started on by Struggle Committee

Left Home For Shopping, Ended Up As Child Bride

Rubina Bi was 14-years-old when her uncle suggested a surprise shopping trip. Dreaming of the new clothes she was about to buy, the innocent girl’s secure world was shattered when she was separated from her family and sold to a physically disabled man for a mere 50,000 rupees. Two years have passed since Rubina’s childhood