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Chicken Came Before The Egg Scientifically Proven

Chicken Came Before The Egg Scientifically Proven

The ultimate philosophical and scientific mystery for centuries has now been ‘cracked’. Scientists have claimed to prove that it was indeed the chicken that came first and not the egg.   Researchers have found that the formation of eggshells relies on a protein found only in a chicken’s ovaries. Therefore the age old conundrum of

Switch Off Smartphones An Hour before Bedtime For Good Night’s Sleep

By News Desk “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man [woman too] healthy, wealthy and wise,” is an age-old maxim. But the infiltration of smartphones even into our bedrooms, a good night’s sleep is unthinkable. A research carried out by researchers from the University of Basel in Switzerland has exactly said that. The

Apps Like Facebook, Whatsapp Steal Users’ Data: Hackers

Underlining the need for Cyber Security Co-operation between South Asian nations, Sri Lanka’s top envoy to India has invited the country’s hackers and security researchers to Colombo so that they can ‘share knowledge with their Sri Lankan counterparts’. Prasad Kariyawasam was speaking Sunday at the inauguration of The Hackers Conference in New Delhi’s India Habitat Centre

Hackers’ Conference: Let The UN Regulate Internet

In the backdrop of the controversial US surveillance programme, experts are raising a timely and an important question: ‘Should all Internet Administrations and Regulatory Bodies be put out of US jurisdiction and under the UN control?’ Not only this, various experts, policymakers and hacktivists, meeting under a single roof on 25 August at New Delhi’s