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Right-Wing Rises: Freedom Under Threat In India, Says Pak Daily

The “rise of the right-wing” in India could have toxic effects regionally, said a leading Pakistani daily, which warned that alarm bells are ringing and “India needs to reaffirm its commitment to pluralism and diversity”. An editorial “Intolerance in India” in the Dawn said: “Freedom is under threat in India and many of its right-thinking

Religious Census A Fodder For Hate Politics?

Will the religious census released by the central government on Tuesday stir up India’s political cauldron? Reports from two states with a sizeable Muslim population suggest that it just could. In Uttar Pradesh, the answer seemingly is in the affirmative, fear many, as the already polarized polity of India’s most politically crucial state is set

Screening Test For Teachers And Looming Crisis

A screening test for teachers per se is a welcome step but the state government move has some inherent contradictions. In the first place, at least 70, 000 Rehbar-e-Taleem (ReT) teachers have been confirmed till date as per the prevailing procedure and they have completed many years of their services as confirmed teachers in the

July 13, 1931: Whose Martyrs By The Way!

BY Mohamad Zubair-u-din There is an interesting thing about the martyrs of July 13, 1931: both the anti- and pro-India leaders in Kashmir lionize them as men of their tribe. The pro-India leaders offer floral tributes at their graves inside the shrine of Khwaja Naqshband Sahib Shrine in Srinagar every year on this day, acknowledging their contribution

Why We Are Wrong About Pakistan

The Pakistan that is barely documented in the West is a wonderful, warm and fabulously hospitable country. And every writer who has ventured out of the prism of received opinion and the suffocating five-star hotels, has ended up celebrating rather than denigrating Pakistan, writes PETER OBORNE It was my first evening in Pakistan. My hosts, a