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Why A Pandit Says No To Kashmir

Why A Pandit Says No To Kashmir

Three years ago, I had a candid chat with a Kashmiri Pandit whose palatial house in Srinagar is occupied by paramilitary forces. He owns couple of apartments in Indian northern satellite city of Gurgaon, runs a property business and is doing very well financially. Our conversation started with the mention of snow-clad mountain peaks, fresh

Will Mufti Learn Lessons From History?

Mohamad Zubair-ud-din Despite being poles apart ideologically, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) stitched an alliance to have a romance with power after fighting elections against each other. The 2010 killings, the unfortunate execution of Afzal Guru, corruption, official high handedness and finally the September, 2014 deluge swept away the fortunes of

AAP Sweep: Lessons For Kashmir

By Mohamad Zubair-u-Din Call it the divine disgrace or the interplay of stars, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was reduced to rubble by Arvind Kejriwal and his brigade in the recently concluded Delhi assembly polls. There was lot of debate on social and electronic media on the possible reasons for the humiliating defeat of the

Why Aamir’s PK Censures Hindu Gods

By Mohamad Zubair-u-Din Rajkumar Hirani directed blockbuster ‘PK’ has created a lot of debate in India. The movie attracted the prime time debate on Indian news channels after Hindu right-wing activists staged a series of protests to demand a ban on the movie for its alleged anti-Hindu content. The movie starts with the arrival of

Fooling Voters By Invoking Autonomy, Self-Rule

Mohamad Zubair-u-Din Poll bugle has been sounded in Jammu and Kashmir and the regional parties, as usual, are invoking the emotional issues to befool the electorate. The ruling National Conference had guaranteed the repealing of Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) but every time they tried to take up the issue with the Government of

Demystifying Election Drama in Kashmir

Mohamad Zubair-u-Din The Supreme Court of India has rightly gauged the pulse of people in flood-hit Jammu and Kashmir by questioning the political parties for not approaching the Election Commission for postponement of elections “in view of prevailing situation when life has allegedly not come to normal” in the state. However, the assertions of Election