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Kashmir Father Tells What It Means To Bury A Young Child

Kashmir Father Tells What It Means To Bury A Young Child

Father of one-and-a-half-month-old girl who left home to receive a consignment of walnuts; a groom of two months who went to buy boxes for his apple harvest; and a teenager who, as usual, had left early in the morning for his shop in the town, besides their Kashmiri identity, have one more thing in common:

Marginalized, Kashmir’s Surrendered Militants Return To Pak

“We were foreigners in Azad Kashmir but still we were provided with passports. Here we are not even provided a state subject certificate, which is our birth right.”   Mosques blurted out songs of freedom, friends gave them a parting hug and grandmothers applied kohl in their eyes. That was a familiar scene in early

Kashmir Family’s Endless Wait For Disappeared Son

Life was normal for Mattoo’s till that ill-fated cold, breezy November 3 afternoon in 1993 when ‘a ghost came from dark’ and took away their seven-year-old son, Javed Mattoo. This was the time when India launched a massive anti-insurgency operation against pro-freedom and pro-Pakistan militants – who had returned from across the border after getting