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Weather Forecast Ignites Fear Of Flood Among Kashmiris

Weather Forecast Ignites Fear Of Flood Among Kashmiris

By Maria Syed Srinagar, Apr 1: Ghulam Muhammad, father of three, hasn’t hit the bed for three days in a row. Reason: He lives dangerously close to a flood spill in Jammu and Kashmir’s Bemina – one of the worst affected areas in the deluge of September 2014. On Wednesday morning, when the downpour started

Fooling Voters By Invoking Autonomy, Self-Rule

Mohamad Zubair-u-Din Poll bugle has been sounded in Jammu and Kashmir and the regional parties, as usual, are invoking the emotional issues to befool the electorate. The ruling National Conference had guaranteed the repealing of Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) but every time they tried to take up the issue with the Government of

Muharram marches Curfewed in Kashmir

News Desk Srinagar, Nov 2: Restrictions have been imposed on the movement of people in the nerve centres of Srinagar city to prevent Shiites (constituting less than 10 % of Kashmiri population) from taking out religious rallies to mourn the death of Imam Hussain, grandson of Islamic prophet, on the eighth day of Muharram –

Fixing Kashmir’s prejudiced Kindergartens

People’s right to education is blatantly violated right under our nose and we – not just common man but members of civil society and law enforcement agencies as well –are, willy-nilly, acting like mute spectators, says Abrar ul Mustafa I’m sure you must have stopped by the advertisements issued by valley’s top private schools on

Peerzu: Rendezvous For Disgruntled Kashmir Youth

Peerzu restaurant, sited on the banks of picturesque Jhelum river in Kashmir’s summer capital Srinagar, is fast turning out into one of the most sought after meeting points for youth, especially journalists, writers and activists, says Altaf Bashir Besides their personal lives, youth visiting the island restaurant chat about various contours of the Kashmir dispute –