Following a demand by a BJP parliamentarian, the Centre Thursday forwarded a plea to Jammu and Kashmir government asking it to consider a proposal of providing ‘a piece of land or a well-built apartment’ to Indian soldiers who have served in the state.

In a press statement, Rajya Sabha MP said that the Defence Minister forwarded the plea after he raised the issue in the Parliament.

It may be noted that according to the constitution of Jammu and Kashmir, non-state subjects can’t land or property in the state.

Vijay had raised the demand to give a piece of land or a well-built apartment on a 99-year lease in any city or area of the choice of soldiers who have served in Kashmir valley or to the next kith and kin of those soldiers who have laid their lives while fighting in Kashmir.

This is the first time that such a demand has been made in the Indian Parliament and is bound to face stiff opposition from the Kashmir politicians across the divide.

“The Defence Minister, responding to the Special Mention raised in Rajya Sabha , sent a reply today stating that allotment of land /apartment in Kashmir valley to soldiers who have served a minimum of three years in the valley, is a State subject to be dealt with by Govt. of J & K as per their Policy/Rules. The matter has been forwarded to the State Govt. for appropriate action,” Vijay said in a press statement.

Later, speaking to reporters, Vijay said he has thanked the Defence Minister for replying and forwarding this matter to J&K Govt.

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