Declaring Giglit-Baltistan Fifth State of Pakistan Unacceptable: Resistance

Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umer Farooq and Mohammad Yasin Malik in a joint statement on Friday said that any proposal to declare Giglit Baltistan as fifth state of Pakistan is unacceptable, saying that Kashmir, Ladakh, Jammu, Azad Kashmir and Giglit Baltistan is a single entity. In a joint statement the leadership said that political destiny about Jammu Kashmir is yet to be decided.

Joint resistance leaders in Srinagar

Declaring Pakistan as a prime party to Kashmir issue, the leadership said that people in Jammu & Kashmir have always regarded and accepted the role of Pakistan as a party to the issue; however any step which may hamper the disputed status of Kashmir is unacceptable.

We hail the role of Pakistan regarding the issue in international flora; however any deviation in its stance about Kashmir & its geographical entity is improper & will prove detrimental for Kashmir cause.

Joint leadership expressed their serious concern about proposals of declaring of Giglit Baltistan as fifth province of Pakistan and said that it will have damaging impact over the disputed status of state.

They said that Jammu Kashmir is long standing issue in international forums and world community has agreed to decide its political destiny through resolutions acknowledged by UNO.

They said that unless & until the people of state are provided an opportunity to decide the future course of state through referendum, no division, alteration and changes are acceptable. Rejecting any idea of merging of its part or division of state, the leaders said that both India and Pakistan have no authority or right to alter the geographical status of state.

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In their joint statement, they unanimously rejected the claim of Indian authorities about Jammu and Kashmir & said that India has forcibly occupied the state and hence have no right to claim or issue ridiculous statements.

Referring to claims propounded by Indian authorities and terming it a brazen lie, leadership rejected their claim about political status of Jammu Kashmir.

Leaders in an issued statement suggested and asked Pakistan to show wisdom and desist from such steps which may hamper the political and geographical position of Jammu & Kashmir.

Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Omer Farooq and Mohammad Yasin Malik expressed hope that Pakistan Prime minister Jb Nawaz Shareef will fulfil its commitment regarding the geographical entity of Jammu and Kashmir and will desist from this adventure of annexing Giglit Baltistan as fifth state of Pakistan.



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