With iOS 8, Apple Sets A New Benchmark

Last evening I was on my Macbook and as usual I was absorbed into work. I was on a deadline so couldn’t get time to get up and grab my phone, which was constantly buzzing, from other room. At that moment, it occured to me, all of a sudden, why Apple couldn’t develop a feature which can enable us to answer phone calls from the Mac itself.

Today morning when I started reading morning newspapers, I found that Apple has listened to me, once again (kidding). Call it coincidence or what, it had happened. This fall Mac and iPhone go together.

At the company’s annual developer conference, Apple uncovered new versions of its desktop and mobile operating systems with brand new, but striking features. The one, which I liked the most, is called ‘Continuity and Handoff’.

Ever thought of using mac to make a phone call or answer one if your phone is on charge or away, sending and reading SMS on iPad as easily as iPhone? If so, your wishes just got fulfilled. With the feature Handoff, you can do all this with ease, answer or make a call using mac, or iPad also read and send SMSes. With Continuity you can enjoy more freedom of using any of apple devices, start work on mac and finish it on iPhone. In short, all your Apple devices will now be in continuous touch with one another.

Unlike many other companies which launch products with thousands of features – none of them actually of any use in every day life — Apple doesn’t just hit the right spot but also gives birth to a new world of possibilities filled with simplicity and elegance.

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What adds to the emotional attachment with Apple is the way the company attaches human value to its chain of products. And the hallmark of Apple is the creativity; they don’t rehash products like their competitors, they give birth to new ones!

Taking iOS to much advanced level, Apple has introduced new mobile operating system iOS 8, featuring the best changes one could ever think of. Apple persistently has allowed its users to enjoy best mobile experience from the day of its launch of iOS devices, and keeps on getting better.  Also for the Mac users, not less in number, the new OS X Yosemite is what it takes to connect all of the devices together.

Some of the most advanced features that Apple senior vice president of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, spoke about, during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, at the Moscone West center in San Francisco, California, are totally worth it.

Some highlights:

Health Kit: Whatever be the health issues your iOS device keeps record of everything at fingertips, a dedicated dashboard which features every detail about your health, be it Blood Pressure levels, Heart Rate, Sugar levels or your fitness chart, Calories burned, weight gained or lost. Even if the app notices any signs of warnings regarding health it shoots off a report to the concerned doctor on approval.

Home Kit: Yet another amazing feature that keeps your home secure and well managed by communicating to appliances like Thermostats, Light Bulbs, Entertainment appliances, security camers, door locks etc. and brings it all under the common application where managing home becomes more fun and easy.

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Besides these features, updates have been added to Photos, Safari, Email, iMessage, and Notification Centre keeping in view the basic requirements for ease and comfort.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, also announced a huge set of changes in the developer section by unveiling the new programming language ‘Swift’ which is a better version of Objective-C featuring more real time conversion and previews of the code.

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