J&K Integral Part Of India, Would Like Govt To Take Back PaK: Congress Leader Ambike Soni

The entire Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India and “we would like” the government to take back the region occupied by Pakistan, senior Congress leader Ambika Soni said on Wednesday.

Soni also targeted the BJP government over the division of Jammu and Kashmir into two Union territories, and said the people, especially the youth, felt “humiliated” by the decision.

Talking to reporters here, the Congress general secretary said the erstwhile princely state of Jammu and Kashmir, in its entirety, “is an integral part of India…. If they are able to take back PaK (Pakistan-administered Kashmir), what will be better than this”.

“…taking it back is a pending task and we would like that they take it back because that is our part,” she added.

She said the state “was dismembered and turned into a Union Territory without consulting the people of the state or anyone in the country”.

“The people, especially the youth, feel humiliated and the decision is not acceptable to them,” Soni said.

She said unless democratic rights of the people in Jammu and Kashmir are restored, the situation is not normal.

Asked about the political campaign of the BJP focusing on Pakistan and nationalism, the Congress leader said, “We, the people of India, get sentimental when it comes to the nation but how long they will get away with it. Do not test our nationalism because we are second to none in being nationalist. We all have nationalist sentiment in us and nobody needs to give any proof for that to anyone.”

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Referring to the outcome of the recently held Assembly elections in Maharashtra and Haryana, Soni asked “how long you will sell dreams…. We think the people in Haryana and Maharashtra had given an answer to them.”

On a question about reports that Rahul Gandhi will take over as the president of the party again, she said, “Who becomes the president and at what time, will be decided by the Congress men and women and will be known to everyone. Sonia Gandhi is presently the party president and the party has very good results both in Haryana and Maharashtra which have enthused Congress workers all over the country.

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