Why Kashmir Condemned Shopian Attack

Prachita Jaitley

Being at the forefront of anti-militancy operations, cops of Jammu and Kashmir police are expected to face attacks from insurgents and hundreds of policemen have paid with their lives during such operations since the eruption of insurgency in Indian administered Kashmir.

Monday’s attack in south Kashmir’s Shopian was an incident of similar kind but as soon as the news spread on social networking websites about the killing of three unarmed policemen by suspected militants, condemnations poured in from far and wide.

DGP K Rajendra consoles son of Constable Mushtaq Ahmad killed in a militant attack in Shopian.
DGP K Rajendra consoles son of Constable Mushtaq Ahmad killed in a suspected militant attack in Shopian.

This was perhaps first such incident when the killing of cops was condemned by people in the valley who have suffered abuses and humiliation at the hands of government forces for the past two decades.

The killings not only shocked the people, there was, also, a wave of sympathy for the slain cops across the valley.

While some people took to Facebook to register their protest against the killings, a common refrain, however, was that killing of innocents was not allowed in any civilized society. Some invoked Islamic and Quranic quotes to express their emotions.

“Islam does not allow killing of non-combatants,” said one Facebook user. “A policeman is no different from a doctor or a clerk or a teacher; doing a job to feed his family,” wrote another Facebook user.

Many of them, in their comments, cursed the killers in a very despicable way.

This is perhaps for the fact that the people have begun to recognize the social duty policemen are known to be performing.

One of the three slain policemen—Nisar Hussain—was rewarded for doing commendable job in devastating September floods that claimed hundreds of lives and displaced millions. He was at the forefront to help people in floods.

24-year-old Hussain, a resident of Hadipora, Rafiabad in north Kashmir, was transferred from District Police Lines to Police Station Shopian only a week back. Known for his humble and loving nature, Hussain was a great human being, who would go out of way ( on occasions risking his life) to help the needy.

Constable Mohammad Ayub, a close friend of Hussain said that he recently sold his Samsung Note 3 mobile phone to help monetarily one of his friends, getting married later this month.

During the recent floods, Hussain helped in rescue and evacuation of hundreds of residents in upper reaches of Shopian where landslides and slipping of land had posed serious threat to human lives.

Passionate about cricket and football, Hussain’s family and friends say that his sole aim was to give his two younger brothers higher education besides raising a family of his own.

DGP K Rajendra consoles father of Constable Mushtaq Ahmad who was killed in a suspected militant attack in Shopian.
DGP K Rajendra consoles father of Constable Mushtaq Ahmad who was killed in a suspected militant attack in Shopian.

Head Constable Mushtaq Ahmad’s, who also got killed along with Hussain, is almost a similar tale. He was known as a capable cop, who could resolve disputes to the best of the satisfaction of the rival parties. Perhaps this was the reason he was sent to Amshipora (village where he was ambushed by gunmen) to settle a land dispute in the village.

That is what had made—Abdul Gani Wani—a proud father. “Around 300 families visited our house since yesterday whose disputes were solved by my son. I am proud of my son”, Ahmad’s father said with teary eyes.

Ahmad is survived by two sons—aged 16 and 18—and wife besides his old parents.

Shabir Hussain, the third slain cop, was from Chechut Leh. He had one dream, according to his acquaintances and friends—to serve his mother. Shabir’s father had died some months back. He was living with his mother in a rented accommodation in Srinagar. With his death, Shabir’s mother is a lonely person now. The agony she has gone through with the killing of her son is anybody’s guess. Hers could be called a great human tragedy.

Casket of Shabir Hussain reaches Leh, his homwtwon. Hussain was killed in an ambush by susoected militants in Shopian, Kashmir.
Casket of Shabir Hussain reaches Leh, his hometown in Ladakh. Hussain was killed in an ambush by suspected militants in Shopian, Kashmir.

The slain policemen had gone to the village in connection with a civil dispute. So they were not carrying any guns or grenades. Since none of the militant outfits fighting in the region have claimed the responsibility of the deadly attack. So nobody is sure who killed the policemen.

However, it is a big question before the political and religious leadership of the state whether fatal attacks against non-combatants (since they were unarmed) is permissible in any way. They owe an answer to the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

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  1. Reaction should have been explicit. ..response from civil society keep aside separatists should have been more vocal

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