NaMo’s Election Gimmicks and Insincere Regrets

The latest blog post of Narendra Modi in which he says he was “shaken to the core” by the 2002 communal riots in the state can aptly be described as a fine piece of fake reminiscence – another shrewd effort to fish in troubled waters; an axe to grind – but nothing different from crocodile tears.

Narendra Modi

Someone has written this blog for him and done an immaculate job. But NaMo has not made the smart choice of time. Tears of Zakia Jafri – widow of former Congress MP Ahsan Jafri who was among 69 people killed in the Gulbarg Society massacre – have dried and the orphans of Gujarat riots have since then grown up, but with in-erasable scars. The psyche of Muslim mind in the country has also gone through a paradigm change.

An opportunistic break after a very long silence, after every horse of reconciliation had left the stable. No one was surprised at the clean chit awarded by an Ahmedabad court to Modi. Nothing different was expected.

BJP’s prime ministerial candidate missed several opportunities that could have brought better returns if he were to publish this blog in his name in past. He is well known for his limitations over Vilayati language.

Modi should have published this piece soon after the Special Investigation Team handed over the clean chit to him. He could have used the interim period between the SIT ‘clean chit date’ and his ‘nomination date’ as the RSS’ contender of PM’s throne in improving his image among the minorities.

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A courtesy visit to Zakia Jafri to express his sympathies and condolences with a positive approach could have done some good for both the parties. It could have helped to soften the bruised contours.

Publishing a blog was a token of disconnect and arrogance. It was a ploy of convenience. On 26th Dec 2013 he won the pyrrhic legal victory but the blog was equivalent to an absolute moral defeat.

The ship of Gujarat burnt in 2002 when Modi was the captain. In 2013, just before the general elections, he is expressing his regret and words of sorrow for the brutal genocide. He has offered all its synonyms for public consumption. Indians are smart enough to sift the ‘election gimmick’ from sincere regrets.

It was Modi who had organized the ‘Gaurav Yatra’ – the march of glory in Sep 2002 – to celebrate the most brutal incident in Indian history. Calling the ‘relief camps’ of riot victims as ‘child-producing centers’, he had declared in Mehsana on 9th Sep 2002: What brothers, should we run relief camps? Should I start children-producing centres? We want to achieve progress by pursuing the policy of family planning. We are five, they have 25! Can’t Gujarat implement family planning? Whose inhibitions are coming in our way? Which religious sect is coming in the way? Why is money not reaching the poor? If some people go on producing children, their children will do cycle puncture repair only.”

He didn’t visit any relief camp till Atal Behari Vajpayee decided to visit the Shah Alam camp in Ahmedabad on April 4, 2002.

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In his blog post that begins with “Dear Sisters and Brothers”, Modi claims words such as “grief, sadness, misery, pain, anguish, agony” were inadequate to express “the absolute emptiness one felt on witnessing such inhumanity,” but if we flip the search the archives of newspapers, we will stumble upon these ‘quotable quotes’ that came out of his mouth:

“If we want to develop Gujarat, there is a need for teaching a lesson to those people, who are expanding their population”.

“If some people go on producing children, their children will do cycle puncture repair only. For this purpose, there is a need for teaching a lesson to those people, who are expanding their population”

“Godhra violence was a Mass-agitation”

“Every action has equal and opposite reaction”

Now, he is offering a sop or excuse for the fence sitter small parties who might come to his rescue in 2014. His blog is nothing but a crude pre-poll trap to pull the wool over the eyes of the masses just ahead of Lok Sabha polls.

Will this fulfil his ambitions to become the prime minister of India, Rupa Mody, whose son went missing after the Gulbarg Society massacre, tells The Hindu the post was a “political game, a publicity stunt… he thinks saying he (Modi) feels pain will get him the job of Prime Minister but it won’t.”

An Urdu couplet describes his plight:

“Kee merey qatal ke baad usne jafa se touba, hai us zood-o-pasheman ka pasheman hona.” – (My killer is faking sorrow after my murder. What a strange and deceptive regret of the poseur).



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