Devotees at Makkah have given non-Muslims a unique and intimate insight into one of Islam’s holiest nights by sharing images from inside the city.


Muslims were able to collaborate and share personal videos of Makkah using Snapchat’s Live Story feature, which collects submitted clips and splices them together before releasing the best footage to all 100 million Snapchat users.

The social media giant’s decision was prompted by an online campaign from hundreds of thousands of Muslims to live stream the event. It allowed a rare glimpse into Makkah for non-Muslims who are not allowed to enter one of Islam’s holiest places.For last few days, millions of people tweeted out under the hashtag #mecca_live, celebrating the ‘live’ story which featured worshippers in the city, people in prayer and the joyful atmosphere in the city.


Social media was also deluged by Muslims inside Makkah tweeted photographs and short clips. Tens of thousands of tweets about Makkah were posted on Monday night, according to analyst website Topsy.

Surprisingly, thousands of non-Muslim tweeple from across the world who were literally astonished to see the glorious images of Masjid al-Haram or the Grand Mosque located in Makkah, openly expressed their willingness to embrace Islam and enter the holy land.


Here is a selection of tweets under #mecca_live:

Im not Muslim but the #mecca_live story is so beautiful! Really shows that Muslims arent how the media show them! What an amazing religion!

Eeli Eskola ‏@MrEskola
Easily my favourite livestory on snapchat so far #mecca_live

ella ‏@slavetozayn
I’m not Muslim but seeing #mecca_live makes me wanna convert, Islam is so beautiful

Mirella J @JjMirella
Not a Muslim, but #mecca_live is something so beautiful that it makes me really want to be one… Maybe one day


Isaac @isaacboyyy
I’m not Muslim but the #mecca_live story is so beautiful and inspiring. Every religion is wonderful and incredible in its own way.

Jacqueline Saleh @Prince10Roxana
I’m not muslim but seeing #mecca_live made me think twice.Its beautiful. People have really changed my perspective of islam

char @killtyIer
I’m not Muslim but the #mecca_live story is so beautiful! Really shows that Muslims arent how the media show them! What an amazing religion!

Beauty Das @HugMeZiam
I’m not Muslim but #mecca_live was absolutely stunning. What a beautiful religion Islam is

Romi @RomiMorisel
I’m a Muslim, Islam is perfect but I am not. If I make a mistake, blame it on me, not on my religion. #mecca_live

Thug Life @HaniiSays
Rich, Poor, White, Black No Discrimination
One God, One Reason, One Religion. Islam Is Perfect #Peace #mecca_live


Sophie George @sophiegws
The #mecca_live snapchats are the best things to grace my eyes!! Absolutely love seeing the peacefulness and unity of Islam
Jimmae @mAetweEets

i’m not muslim,but #mecca_live is truly astounding. just to see the dedication to their religion and the unity is stunning. SoHeartwarming !

Amanda M. Hils @HilsAmanda
Really lovely seeing how at peace & joyful everyone in the #mecca_live story was. Truly an incredible sight. Mashallah from a nonMuslim.

Angèle @AngelePradier_
I’m not muslim but the #mecca_live is so beautiful and inspiring. This story is making me emotional

Charles Clymer @cmclymer
Checking out the pictures on #mecca_live. As a Christian, I continue to be in awe of the beauty and humanity of Islam.

Please justin F.M @shoqebelieber2
I swear the #mecca_live snapstory made me cry. Islam is beautiful ❤ dont let people give you a bad vision of this religion

Dom @_DxmBillingtxn
I seriously respect Muslims for how devoted they are to their faith, incredible to see that many people unite to worship #mecca_live

anna @gnkez82
Im not Muslim but the #mecca_live story is so beautiful! Really shows that Muslims arent how the media show them! What an amazing religion!

שוקו חם @LaraAkinbode
I’m not Muslim but the #mecca_live snapchat story really is beautiful! Shows how peaceful Muslims truly are, despite the media’s portrayal

I Follow Back• @bluebrother94
This is why I can’t ever hate Muslims. #mecca_live Just shows you how nice & how devoted Muslim people are..❤..

Will Cook @Wjfcook
#mecca_live is a beautiful look at an example of people coming together, really want to learn more about Islam, not the Islam we see in news

indigochildIKY @indigoshawd
Omg #mecca_life #mecca_live I think I might consider converting to Islam

human rights act @irreluvant
I’m not Muslim but #mecca_live look so peaceful and amazing and it has me wanting to come to islam

#mecca_live I might convert to Islam after this, this is so beautiful!!!

chris @VAPlNG
Im serious, as a non-muslim, seeing #mecca_live made me realize that Islam, might be, the right religion for me. Its so beautiful.

chris @VAPlNG
As a non-muslim I would like to ask something, is it easy to convert into Islam? It’s just that after seeing #mecca_live I fell like in love

bills @hbdin
Since watching #mecca_live, I want to become a muslim, can anyone help me become a Muslim pleaseeee xxxxx DM me

D @imaIegend
I’m not Muslim but the #mecca_live story is so beautiful! I have never seen a religion so dedicated. I’m thinking about converting soon. (

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