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Sacrifice on Eid-ul-Adha is banned since 2007 in a village of Uttar Pradesh to ‘preserve communal harmony’, a media report said today.


A contingent of police has arrived, as part of a routine since 2007, in Mushara village of eastern Uttar Pradesh to confiscate all animals, mostly goats, owned by the Muslims, even those not meant for sacrifice.

They will be returned after the three-day festival is over, Catch News reported.

Muslims sacrificed animals in the village for the first time in 2007, which the report said, ‘offended’ right-wing Hindus.

“The local members of the Hindu Yuva Vahini, an extremist Hindu outfit led by BJP’s Yogi Adityanath, who represents the adjoining Gorakhpur in Parliament reportedly objected to the slaughtering of animals in the open and rioted. Several mosques, madrasas, houses and shops were burned,” it said.

The officials said they were just trying to preserve communal harmony by confiscating the animals.


The police had to camp in the village for over a month to bring the situation under control.

“I and four other Muslims were summoned to the local police station recently and detained for the whole day. We were released only after we gave in writing that we will not sacrifice any animal in Mushara,” said Mohammed Khalid.

“What the district administration and the police are doing is totally unlawful. The Constitution says the people of this country are free to celebrate their festivals the way they like,” Khalid added. “And we don’t even sacrifice animals whose killing is banned by law.”

The officials said they were just trying to preserve communal harmony by confiscating the animals.

“After the riots, the Muslims promised they would not sacrifice any animal either in their homes or in a public place during Bakr Eid. We have their statements on record,” the district magistrate Saroj Kumar told the online portal.

“They are now saying they want to sacrifice animals in their homes and not publicly. But they promised they would not perform sacrifices even in their homes. They should keep their promise.”

“We confiscate the animals as a precautionary measure,” Kumar said. “What if communal riots break out once again over the sacrifice of animals?”


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