An undated video clip showing teachers ridiculing the accent of an elementary school kid has angered netizens in Kashmir valley.

The unnamed kid in the YouTube clip, shot in an unnamed North Kashmir school can be seen crying as teachers ask him to read aloud English and Urdu alphabets.

As shown in this clip, apparently shot by the teachers for amusement, the classmates of the kid can be seen laughing in the background.

The clip was posted on various social networking websites, including Facebook where netizens posted angry comments, with some demanding an official inquiry into the incident.

Manzoor Ul Hasan, a netizen wrote on his Facebook page: “Friends help us identifying the school and teacher so that he will be booked for humiliating the innocent child.”

The teacher can be heard threatening the kid of corporal punishment if he doesn’t stop crying and start reading the alphabets faster.

Unsuccessfully trying to control his tears, the chubby kid ends up mixing English and Urdu alphabets as he tries to comply with his teacher’s directive.

The teachers, who shot the kid’s video, apparently to record his unusual pronunciation, have nonetheless attracted massive ire of netizens.

Condemning what he called the “pathetic video”, Aijaz Ul Haq said: “Must be fun for many, but the everlasting effect on this child n his future is going to be devastating. Really a shame.”

Aadil Ahsan Dar said that the video might sound “funny, but exploiting the innocence is worst crime”. “Whosoever made him (the kid) do so deserves punishment. At-least I can’t call him a teacher,” he showed his anger on Facebook.

Rasikh Rasool said it was a “shame” to make “fun” of such kids. “When anybody demands action against so-called nation builders, the teachers’ forums come to support and defend them,” he said.

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