Switch Off Smartphones An Hour before Bedtime For Good Night’s Sleep

By News Desk

“Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man [woman too] healthy, wealthy and wise,” is an age-old maxim. But the infiltration of smartphones even into our bedrooms, a good night’s sleep is unthinkable.


A research carried out by researchers from the University of Basel in Switzerland has exactly said that. The more one uses their smartphone during the sleep hours, the more they are prone to the risk of sleep problems and depressive symptoms, the research says.

300 students were analysed by the researchers in this study which has been published in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence.

It was discovered that the teenagers who own smartphones spend more time online. The usage went up during night hours when they hit their beds. As a result, this may affect their sleep patterns and could even lead to depression, it says.

“Due to wireless Internet connections and cheap flat rates, teenagers with smartphones spend more time online and communicate with their peers for less money – for example via WhatsApp – which has changed their digital media use pattern profoundly,” the research says.

The study revealed that the teenagers using smartphones spent more time on the Internet during weekdays as compared to their other friends who use conventional mobile handsets. Additionally, they sent more SMSes on a daily bases (the average is approximately 85 text messages as against to seven messages).

To enjoy a good night sleep, only 17% of smartphone users switched their devices off or put them on silent mode. On the other hand, 47% of the teenagers using conventional mobile phones adopted this habit.

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“Most importantly, teenagers who used digital media at night had an increased risk for poor sleep and depressive symptoms,” it says.

The researchers stressed that teenager must switch off their smartphones, tablets or other gadgets at least one hour before bedtime. This will help them cure sleep disorders or severe daytime tiredness.



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