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India needs Toilets, Article 370 Can Wait

India needs Toilets, Article 370 Can Wait

Prachita Jaitley I was dying every moment but nobody can feel that pain,” a teenaged girl told WaterAid India, a charity bringing sanitation to the world’s poorest communities, as she recounted how trying it was when you have no choice but to defecate in open. “One day, I saw my own family members, my uncle

Battling ‘Love Jihad’ To ‘Protect Women’

“For the first time, Jats and Muslims are fighting each other. This is a great achievement. Jats have begun thinking like Hindus first. If more Hindu castes fight with Muslims, it will be better for us. BJP will benefit.” From the limited coverage of the communal riots in Muzaffarnagar on Indian TV channels, one can conclusively