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Five Myths Indians Have On Kashmir

Five Myths Indians Have On Kashmir

By Maria Syed In the last decade, the voices claiming Kashmir as an integral part of India have not only grown shriller, but more pervasive too. It should, however, not come as a shocker as a country that aspires to become a superpower is supposed to be more assertive in terms of wielding its authority

Kashmir Accord and Hypocrisy of National Conference

For the most part of his life, Sheikh Abdullah juggled on the rhetoric designed to assure Kashmiri people of their culture identity, without asserting any real change in Kashmir’s destiny, says Naveed Qazi One of the most duplicitous moments in the history of Jammu and Kashmir National Conference came when its president and former Jammu

To Woo Kashmiris, Modi Talks Of Discussion On Article 370

Anything for vote! That is what exactly looks to be the strategy of BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi. Be it Ram Mandir issue or the Uniform Civil Code, Modi has been maintaining a discreet silence over any issue that can hit the party’s fortunes in general elections, especially among the Muslim community. In Jammu